Mystery Shopping

As Mystery Shopping provides you with the deep analysis of all interations between customer and company, it plays an enormous role in building detailed action plans. We have service and sales trainers in our team, so you can be sure that our insights are far more than bar chart descriptions.

Client service

We will check each customer-brand meeting situations in details. Results will clearly show needs for optimalization of the sales/service process and can be monitore all the time via online reporting. We can help you later in building training plans or introduce simple on-the-floor excercises arranged by store managers.


Our mystery shoppers will visit your external sales channels and check what narrative is used by attandants regarding your products versus your competitors and which products are top recommended.

Operational processes

Each company has many process flows organized for their customers eg. making complaint, issuing credit card or online purchase. You can easily verify, how it works in practice and what obstacles are encountered by the customers. Results would help you improving the process, as well as Customer Experience.

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